UCAMA partners with St. Martin School

The Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta (UCAMA) have recently entered into an informal partnership with St. Martin School (Edmonton). Museum artifacts are now on display in the school’s main showcase. The display of Ukrainian artifacts brings to life the early experiences of Ukrainians in Alberta and dovetails well with the Grade three Social Studies curriculum.

It is the hope of the school and UCAMA that the display will be updated every three or four months.

The current display has received positive comments from the grade three class, the parents of St. Martin School and the school staff. According to St. Martin School principal Simon Pryma “…to see artifacts from the early period of Ukrainian Canadian history has a real positive learning benefit. It brings learning to life.”

Outreach projects like this are a part of UCAMA’s mandate. It keeps Ukrainian history alive and relevant for a new generation of Ukrainian Albertans and illustrates that Ukrainians played an important role in Alberta’s development. Future projects between UCAMA and the Edmonton Catholic School District may include the expansion of the showcase project (to include other Ukrainian Bilingual Schools) and the establishment of a loaning library that can be made available to all of Alberta’s grade three classes.