125InitiativeLogoCommemorating the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian immigration to Canada 1891-2016

The Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museums of Alberta (UCAMA) is building a new museum, archives and library facility on Edmonton’s Jasper Avenue. The resulting structure will be a preeminent museum in Western Canada. UCAMA’s current fund raising effort is tied to the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian immigration to Canada in 2016. With your help we can finish the museum in 2016 in celebration of this significant event.

If each of the 300,000+ persons of Ukrainian origin in Alberta were to give just one dollar for each year of the 125 years since Ukrainians first immigrated to Canada, UCAMA could raise $37,500,000, enough to complete both phases of the museum construction and establish an endowment to operate the facility.

We have enormous strength in numbers. The will of people have raised great monuments around the world: the pyramids of Egypt, the great cathedrals of Europe. The Empire State Building was completed in just 410 days.

UCAMA is not asking for your sweat and blood; only a little money. Surely our collective heritage and pride is worth $125 per person. Each donor will be recognized in a special memorial volume housed in the new facility. And the first 1,000 donors will also have their names placed on a brick in the new museum

We have already come such a long way. The end is in sight. Help make it happen in 2016.

Support UCAMA for this important anniversary!

The UCAMA $125 Initiative Donation Form


Step-up-to-plateUCAMA has launched its “Step Up To The Plate” campaign, unique fundraising idea featuring the work of Iryna Karpenko, one of Alberta’s noted fine artists.

Iryna has a captivating whimsical style that she has translated to a work of art on glass for this project. These glass “plates” – which are rectangular rather than round – are offered as original pieces of fine art for the following three categories of donors:

Bronze $500 to $999;

Copper $1,000 to $1,499; and

Gold $1,500+.

No matter the category, donors will receive a lasting piece of fine art by an established artist, whose work is either a worthy addition to an existing art collection or an ideal way to begin a collection.

For more information download the Step Up to the Plate donation form.


UCAMA believes in recognizing the donations of the corporate, individual and private sectors of the community. The design of the new museum will incorporate a number of specific features such as a donor recognition wall that will acknowledge these contributions. Additionally, the following areas of the museum are available for corporate or individual naming opportunities:

  • Main Gallery
  • Gallery A
  • Gallery B
  • Main Stair
  • Canyon Stair
  • North Window
  • South Window* – $25,000 – Ukrainian Youth Unity Council, Ukrainian Youth Association (SUM), the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women, the League of Ukrainian Canadians, and the Seniors Club of M. Boyeslaw
  • South Gallery
  • East Gallery
  • Rear Gallery
  • Founders Room* – $200,000 – Koziak Family Foundation
  • Library* – $750,000 – Chwyl Family Foundation
  • Archives
  • Multipurpose Room*
  • Roof Top East Terrace & Garden
  • Roof Top South Terrace & Garden* – $250,000 – John Boyko
  • East Mini-Windows
    • $10,000 – Natalka Yanitski and Family
    • $10,000 – Rostyk and Lorraine Sadownik
    • $10,000 – Taras Proskurniak

* denotes “Already Funded”

For more information on the naming opportunities download the Naming Opportunities PDF (3,690k), or please contact the UCAMA office.


UCAMA has begun the development of its new facility on Jasper Avenue. No matter how large or small, each donation is significant to the successful implementation of this exciting project.

Our collective heritage must be preserved to be passed on to the next generation… so they too will tell the stories of our forefathers. Be an important link in the chain.

Donate today!

We have many options available for you to make your donation. Please note that monthly payment options are available, which can help you balance your other commitments.

UCAMA is a registered charitable organization. Income Tax receipts are issued for your donations.


Please download and print our Donation Form now. This form provides instructions for your donation, and can be filled in on your computer screen.


To make a donation by phone, please call the UCAMA Office at (780) 424-7580


To donate online please click on the CanadaHelps logo below.


CanadaHelps is a non-profit, charitable organization providing free online donation services to Canadian charities. UCAMA will receive your donation, however your income tax receipt will come from CanadaHelps

CanadaHelps provides the option of a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation for however many months you specify.