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Renowned artist Peter Shostak has donated a number of limited edition reproductions and hand-pulled serigraphs to UCAMA to assist with fundraising for its new museum building.

Purchase one today! Buy a memory for yourself…and invest in the legacy of UCAMA’s new museum.

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peter_shostakPETER SHOSTAK was born and raised on a farm in northeastern Alberta. His early interest in art inspired him to major in art at the University ofAlberta. In 1969, he obtained a graduate degree in Art Education and then took a teaching position at the University of Victoria. He remained there as Associate Professor of Art Education until 1979, when he decided to leave teaching and pursue a career as an artist, devoting all of his time to painting and silkscreen printing.

Much of Shostak’s art reflects his memories of growing up on the prairies during the late forties and fifties. Two publications, “When Nights Were Long” and “Saturday Came But Once A Week”, reveal some of his personal history. In 1997, he collaborated with Vancouver writer, David Bouchard, on the book “Prairie Born”. His latest book “Hockey…under winter skies” was released in the fall of 2000.

In 2003, Peter Shostak received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in recognition of his outstanding exemplary contribution to Canada.

Most major cities in Canada have repeatedly hosted exhibitions of his work over the past several years and he has completed many commissioned paintings and serigraphs for individuals, organizations and corporations.